The most important part of a performing asset are the people operating it, and we are very aware of this at NLI Realty. By leveraging our team of experts, partners and other resources, we minimize risks and are able to source multi-family assets that are fundamentally sound, opportunistic, and have value-add necessities. This is great in a perfect world, but problems are inevitable. 


Our ability to pivot and problem solve gives us value unlike any other. We work tirelessly to predict and avoid problems, but work even harder to solve them. This has not only earned the trust of our investors, but has allowed us to surround ourselves with the highest achieving lenders, management companies, residents, and many other partners. It is also why you should feel confident in investing alongside us, and creating passive income with unmatched returns.

Core Values


At NLI Realty, we conduct all business operations to the highest degree of professionalism and authenticity. We place the interests of our investors and partners ahead of our own, and perform ethically, honestly and with full transparency in all of our endeavors. 


At NLI, we understand the importance of building and maintaining meaningful relationships with our investors, partners, and colleagues. We work effortlessly to create mutually beneficial relationships with everyone we conduct business with. 


Excellence is not accidental; it is the result of hard work, dedication, and discipline. At NLI, we will go to any and all lengths to provide value in all ventures. 


NLI is committed to providing outstanding communication and transparency. Our investors rely heavily on us to deliver strategic evaluation, accurate numbers, and timely reports. We do not stop until the needs and expectations of our investors are not only met, but blown out of the water. 

Our Founders


Matt Moreno

Matt Moreno is one of two founders of New Life Investors (NLI) Realty. Originally from Miami Beach, FL, Matt moved to Bryan/College Station at a young age. He has always been fascinated by real estate and the opportunity it brings, and began studying and learning real estate. While playing college football at Trinity Valley CC, he would go on to create NLI with his lifelong friend, Kerry Brooks, in February of 2021. Shortly after, in August, Matt dropped out of college and fully immersed himself with the creation of this company. His first ventures were in single family housing where he would wholesale and partner with fix and flip investors nationwide. 

In 2022, Matt realized the power and opportunity in multi-family real estate, and found it to be a direct path to giving his family the life of their dreams and being the vehicle to allow him to give back to his community to the magnitude he had always dreamed of. Matt is proficient at underwriting and analyzing deals, as well as creating relationships with partners, colleagues, and investors. This is critical to providing high quality deals, top-notch service, and maximizing returns to investors. He still lives in College Station, TX and continues to grow his business and portfolio every day.

Kerry Brooks

Kerry Brooks is one of two founders of New Life Investors (NLI) Realty. Initially from Palestine, TX, Kerry moved to Bryan/College Station at a young age. Little did he know, this would have a bigger impact on his life than he thought. In highschool, he excelled on the football field and in the classroom, which eventually led him to meet his best friend, and current business partner, Matt Moreno. After highschool, Kerry would go on to play football at Trinity Valley CC, not yet knowing the power of real estate; However, that would soon change. In February of 2021, Kerry helped create NLI in his college dorm room. The rest is history. 


Not knowing where to place his efforts, Kerry remained in school, playing football, until a serious injury redirected his path to becoming a full-time business owner. Kerry would soon realize not only the magnitude of real estate, but more specifically, multi-family and how it would not only impact his life, but the generations to come. Alongside his propensity in analyzing numbers, Kerry also excels at forming meaningful relationships, market research, and team building. All of which would prove to be major components to the structure and synergy of keeping an asset profitable. He continues to live in College Station and works on growing his business and creating a lasting impact on his community. 

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